Two Places you Should Be Cautious While Buying an Engagement Ring

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Buying bridal jewelry is the most significant decision you will perhaps make in your life. It does not come with the same financial burden as buying a house, but has a greater emotional commitment compared to any other purchase. The last thing you would want to do is to buy this token of love from a store you do not trust.

However, if you can overcome that emotional hurdle, you are likelier to get a better deal by buying from a website. Now, how do you ensure that you are not scammed when buying rings online? The three kinds of marketplaces to avoid are as follows. We do not mean to say these are not trustworthy, but it is best that you buy diamond rings from online-only jewelry stores.

For instance, Beverly Diamonds is a good option to consider. Going by Beverly Diamond reviews alone, you can rest assured that this jeweler is genuine. The good thing with such online-only jewelers is that you get quality products with certification and an extensive collection to pick from. The same things cannot be said about the following kinds of e-commerce websites. Remember, any website that sells products to customers or does financial transactions is an e-commerce site. This applies to only-only stores, too.

Online Marketplaces

Buying from an online marketplace will be a tempting option, as the deals there will seem to be the best. However, the problem with buying from these e-commerce websites is that the actual seller is someone else. These stores only sell products of and on behalf of other sellers. The same goes true for diamond rings, too. This means that just about any person can put their engagement rings on these websites for sale. The collection of rings on these sites is smaller than what actual jewelry stores would have on their websites. On top of that, these marketplaces do not offer certified diamonds.

Big Box Retailer

You may know or trust that retail chain, selling genuine daily consumables and other similar products. There is nothing wrong with that. However, how could you tell the diamond rings they sell are genuine? Some retail stores have an online presence. Most rings on their websites are cluster-set pieces. These are rings set with many small diamonds, clustered together making the setting look like one bigger stone. Cluster-set engagement rings come cheaper than other pieces, but these have almost zero resale value and have warranty problems. These stores also offer diamond rings without certificates of authenticity.

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