Tips For Having An Improved Connection On An iPhone

Apple iPhone is a great tool to communicate with others, and it also offers a way to watch or listen to entertainment content online. This is why several Dutch people use it. When you just go for an amble down the Netherlands street, you will find people taking selfies, messaging or listening to songs with iPhones. As with any other device, iPhones are not exempt from a bad cell signal. On the next occasion you experience a weak cellular signal, just follow any or a combination of these steps to make it better.

Enable Airplane Mode And Disable It

The easiest trick to fix signal issues is to turn on Airplane Mode and then turning it back off. This will help to establish the device’s connection to the cellular network again. Just go to the iOS Control Center application, and tap the button for Airplane Mode to enable it. Wait for a minute or so before tapping it to disable this feature. If everything goes as expected, then your signal would improve.

Switch Back To 3G Mode

You can switch from 4G to either 3G or 2G network mode on Apple iOS. You should do this according to the place you are in and the coverage available there. For instance, if the strength of 4G signals is insufficient there, switch to the 3G mode or 2G mode to make the device connect to the network having the next-best coverage. For this, navigate to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options and tap Voice & Data. Here, you will see options to select 2G, 3G and 4G.

Try Wi-Fi Calling

Is a reliable wireless internet connection available at your home? If yes, you can make calls through the wireless internet connection when you have signal issues at home. Apple iOS has a feature that enables you to call through the connection, with the Netherlands carrier account of yours. You should be able to do it whether the account is linked to KPN NL mobile or any other carrier. Just open the Settings menu on iOS, select the Phone option there, and slide to enable the Wi-Fi Calling feature.

Try A Signal Repeater

If it is financially possible, buy a Netherlands mobile phone signal booster. It will work in a location that has at least some cellular signals. Understand that some amount of cellular signal is required for it to improve it. The signal boosting system can be installed easily, and it will work to offer you a much better cellular connection.

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