Things to Consider before a Bathroom Renovation Project

Adding more square feet to your house in the form of a bathroom or revamping an outdated bath can improve the value and usability of your house. You must consider many factors for the most useful advantages and value from the new space. Before your renovation work starts or you look to grab a contractor for it, take the following into account.


The main consideration to make is the presently available square feet for your new room. This tends to be a concern when kids grow to be teenagers as well as with expanding households. If there are not enough baths in your house, then you may wish to add one more. However, you may want the renovation done for improved features and layout to better utilize the existing area.


Deciding how you are going to use your bath will dictate the features that you will wish to add. A hall bath or guest bath may have fewer features compared to a master bathroom, yet it may have certain similarities with the room for kids. First, you will have to decide the basics such as lighting, the amount of countertop space and number of bathroom sinks you will need.

Do you like elaborate baths? If yes, you will have to choose between a tub-shower combination and separate facilities. When it comes to a separate bathtub, the style of tub you like may influence the overall design you choose. The aesthetic of a bath having a central point of attention such as a clawfoot tub may be different from that of a jetted bathtub.


Several modern bathroom fixtures tend to be conceived with this aspect in mind. For this reason, you will be able to manage water consumption. You can also find features that help save water on things including toilets, showerheads and even bathroom sink faucets.


Every design has storage issues, especially rooms that are as tiny as usual bathrooms. Carefully think about this aspect in your preplanning stage. To help decide the amount of space required, note down everything you have to keep in your bathroom, including toiletries, cleaning agents, first aid, linens, and medications. Consider where to keep each of the said things. You may need some of your toiletries around the shower, but use others near the dressing area or sink.


Incorporate anti-skid flooring in your bathroom and ensure that it is a well-lit space. Some of the other ideas are adjusting toilet and counter heights in order to make rooms more accessible. You could include structural bracing in the region of the bathtub, shower and water closets for graspable bars to ensure the users’ safety.

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