Reasons A Business Has To Adopt Video Conferencing

Are you utilizing audio conferencing as the main way of communication even today? If yes, it might be time to consider moving to a video conferencing solution. Here is a list of reasons it is better than audio conferencing and tends to be effective compared to a direct meeting.

It Is More Engaging Compared To Audio Conferencing

Occasionally, you do not have any other option but to persist with audio conferencing. When it comes to accomplishing a higher level of collaboration, there is no better option than having a video conferencing system in place. This is one reason you should look for video conferencing services.

Video in a call will change the whole etiquette and feel of your conference. It means everyone can see each other and eliminates a sense of distance. Attendees are not likely to multitask, like they would on an audio conference call; rather, they will keep eye contact. So, there will be a higher level of intimacy and engagement in a video conference.

It Is Better For Meetings Between Long-Distance Workers

Imagine that you own a university with campuses situated in many different places, and that there is much traffic between these locations. Someone from one campus must consult with you situated on another campus of that university. Would it make sense for that person to drive an hour or so to your place just for a five minute’s meeting with you each month? Usually, it would not. In these kinds of cases, having a video conference is a better option.

It Allows For Superior Communication

Human beings process visual details quicker, more ably than audio or text. There is evidence that we remember visual things longer than what we study from plain text. In a 2017 Forbes Insights survey, 62% of executive participants said that in comparison with audio conferencing, video conferencing considerably boosts communication quality. Besides, half of the individuals surveyed felt that the latter form of conferencing also makes the level of understanding better.

It Keeps Globally Dispersed Staff Connected And Informed

The most effective form of communication is usually done directly, with parties physically present at the location. Cloud-based video conferencing is the nearest thing to collaborating in person. In many cases, some people have to be present at client venues for work. Through video conferencing, they all can interact with each other should a need arises for it. This way, they all will be able to be informed about the latest happenings in their work.

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