Major Changes That Will Appear in SEO in the Coming Year

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The coming year will see several changes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As the competition on the web increases, several changes are introduced to the factors that influence the search. Besides, the algorithms are changed in order to accommodate the changing times. There are several new methodologies and techniques introduced in the year 2019 that can be read if you click here. Below is a discussion on some of the most prominent technologies and latest trends that will be used in 2019.

Voice Search

Voice identification is one of the latest changes in user-friendly technology. It is used mainly to provide convenience to the customer. Apart from typing, you can now ask questions to voice assistants. It is predicted that voice searches will amount to 50% of the searches by 2020. This will bring drastic changes to SEO. People searching through voice will use different type of words. Therefore, an entirely new set of keywords suited for voice search will have to add. This is predicted to make searches more conversational in nature.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has a very important role in how most search engines rank your websites. Google employs AI to imitate human behavior through these sites. With the help of AI, Google replicates human behavior and finds out valuable data regarding the user-friendliness of every site. After this, Google and other search engines place every site in the search ranking based on the results obtained by AI.

Paid Channels

SEO experts predict that there would be big changes in the space allotted for organic listings. This will favor the paid ads and send the organic listings further down. As a result, SEO professionals will have to work harder to gain better positions for the websites. Further, the marketers will have to stretch their strategies to combine the paid searches and local SEO. Otherwise, your content will be drowned under the paid advertisements.

Mobile Dominance

More than half of all searches are being done through mobile phones. This is predicted to continue throughout the year. It will affect the delivery of content. Google has also introduced a new way of indexing the websites to give more importance to mobile user experience on organic search listings. Further, Google has announced that Google AdWords would be able to check mobile-friendliness of the pages

With a number of changes already in effect on the SEO horizon, it is necessary to plan your SEO strategies accordingly to get the best rankings.

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