Kinds of Clothing Manufacturers

Custom Clothing Manufacturers

Custom Clothing Manufacturers

Your association with clothing manufacturers will decide your product line’s overall quality. The one you select for your clothing business will have to bring your item to life, plus they will have to scale up with your business as it expands. This is a crucial relationship to have as it will be the cornerstone of your clothing business.

You can choose from three basic forms of manufactures for your product line. Which one will work best for your business depends upon your experience, personal background and goals.

Full-Service Manufacturers

A full-service clothing producer is just what it implies. This is one that offers the whole variety of services. In other words, these producers procure the required fabrics and approve their quality. It is significant to ensure that these materials are of at least good quality. These companies handle patternmaking, cutting, sewing, designing, printing, packaging, and whatever involved in producing a clothing line.

Doing business with full-service manufactures is right for both up-and-coming designers and more experienced retail businesses. They provide streamlined business communication between those who handle every single step of clothing development, which will make the entire process much more efficient. If you are looking for full-service custom clothing manufacturers, then do consider as well.

Cut, make, and Trim Manufacturer

The term “CMT” refers to a manufacturing facility that cuts and sews garments. Instead of procuring fabrics on their own, you the client will have to source and send every material to this producer. After that, they will cut the materials to shape and sew these together and give the output to you. These factories tend to provide packing services as well. These are better suited for a more experienced designer having their own team of pattern makers, plus are skilled at sourcing fabrics.


The term “piecemeal” refers to a process, not a factory. We do not recommend this method for emerging designers; rather, these have to be used just by parties who have a broad background in fashion. You will essentially use another factory for every single step. You will visit a fabric cutting facility with each of your materials and patterns. For the subsequent step, you should discover a sewing facility to put together your item, and so on. Although this is a good method, its main drawback is, you will spread the manufacturing process over many facilities, which can result in issues regarding price and communication.

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