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Picking a plant for the bathroom involves many considerations. For instance, the plant should not emit excess heat. It should also not give off a high level of smell. Several options are available in the market nowadays that matches these requirements. Below is a discussion of some of the best plants that can be used inside your bathroom. Make sure you contact the best bathroom remodeling contractor Los Angeles for the top designs.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a popular choice for bathroom plants. It has excellent air-purifying qualities. The plant grows well in humid conditions. Note that it has to be misted every day. It looks best when it is placed on the counter beside the sink or on the shelf. The plant has dark leaves, creating a contrast against the white blooms of its flowers. It proves to be a great option for those with recently updated bathrooms as it is very stylish in appearance.


Majority of bathrooms have very less incoming natural light. This means that bathrooms are usually illuminated by artificial light, making the growth of plants challenging. One of the plants that require very little natural light is bamboo. It can survive even with the fluorescent light from the bulbs. Furthermore, bamboo is not very strict about the soil conditions and can even grow without it.

Note that bamboo grows rapidly. You can keep its growth limited by monitoring its size as it grows. It is advisable to use the space underneath the shelf for this to keep a natural check on the size of the bamboo. Bamboo will add style and beauty to a bathroom while taking only vertical space. Al of this makes it a great choice for small-sized bathrooms.

Aloe Vera

Bathrooms are the first place you head to in the event of an injury or a cut. Aloe Vera will prove to be an asset in such cases as it is useful for treating small wounds. You can acquire its gel by breaking off a part and applying it over the wound directly. It works well with itchy skin and burns too. Besides, it is a plant that lives despite the conditions, making the bathroom a good place to keep it. The humidity inside the bathroom should be enough for it to survive without the need for watering.

Bathrooms are well complemented by the presence of a plant. Make sure you read through the options and select a plant of your choice.

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