Things to Consider When Hiring a Motorbike Accident Attorney

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Motorcycle Accident
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When motorcyclists meet with an accident, they could just suffer catastrophic injuries. A minor accident involving two passenger cars may not cause injuries to anyone in those vehicles, but seldom does a motorcyclist get away without injuries. Usually, a motorbike rider will have to visit the hospital for severe injuries, like fractured bones to name one.

The compensation amount you eventually get from the at-fault motorist depends partly on the expertise and experience of the legal representative you hire. So you should hire a quality lawyer or assign a firm such as Davidovich Stein Law to deal with your claim. You have to consider three factors before hiring them to legally represent you in court.


Have you heard commercials on the radio or seen these on TV that advertise the services given by motorbike accident attorneys? These advertisements may be for attorneys from other parts of California or other American states far from the court that will hear your claim. Law firms based outside one state tend to refer one’s case to a different firm situated in that client’s state. If this happens in your case, you will not have a say in the decision concerning a motorcycle lawyer. Select a lawyer situated in the area of the court in which your claim will be heard because they will know both the procedures and the judges there.


The term ‘caseload’ refers to the number of cases which that attorney is involved in at one point. Does their office have documents scattered around? Are phone callers or other in-house attorneys often interrupting them regarding pending matters? If the answers to these questions are a yes, that attorney might not have enough time to give the focus your claim deserves. Now, how do you know this? Just ask them when they can start working on your injury claim. It does not hurt to ask. Being busy with other cases is a sign of that lawyer’s or law firm’s quality, but you also may need to have their services immediately.

Good Experience and Reputation

Choosing an attorney necessitates some work from you to make sure that you are finding one who can get the best possible results. Besides asking the attorney questions, you should also check as many testimonials and reviews as possible. You would like to compare some lawyers before choosing one who meets your set of criteria.

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