Major Mistakes That Can Ruin your Car Accident Claim

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Car accidents are common incidents in a populated city like California. Unfortunately, most people still don’t know how to react in case they are involved in a road accident. As a result, the victims are likely to make some silly mistakes that can absolutely ruin their chances of filing an injury claim and ultimately, getting a fair compensation for your loss. In case you are wondering about the ways to win your road accident claim and secure a maximum compensation, it is important to know what not to do rather than what to do. Some of those potential mistakes that you must avoid after a car accident scene are given below.

Leaving the Accident Spot

The California road accident law demands the person involved in a road accident to stay at the spot, especially if someone else is injured. Furthermore, if you meet with an accident, you must not leave the accident spot irrespective of whether or not you are injured. Get down your vehicle and make sure to get the name, address, insurance information, and other important details of the person who caused the accident. Note that you cannot claim a case if you have no idea about the person who caused the accident.

Admitting Fault

One biggest mistake that can even reject your accident claim is admitting the fault. It is to be noted that your case will be negatively affected if you uttered anything that construes as an acceptance of fault for the accident. For instance, some people may get overwhelmed and apologize to the person who caused the accident even if the former is not at fault. This can, however, damage your case. Besides, you must be extra careful while talking to the insurance representatives and police as well.

Not Gathering enough Evidence

Usually, the vehicles will be moved from the spot immediately after an accident in order to maintain proper traffic flow. It is recommended to collect as many pieces of evidence as you can from the accident scene so as to make your case even stronger. For instance, photographs are considered as valid proof. So, try to click some photographs of the accident right after the collision. Make sure to include the details such as the point of impacts, tire marks, the position of vehicles, bushes or other objects that can obscure the driver’s view, etc., in the photos. This will help the authorities to easily decide how the accident happened and who exactly is guilty. Otherwise, you will have to prove things verbally which will be really challenging, exhausting, and time-consuming.

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