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Motorcycle Accident Settlement

In case you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be wondering the worth of your case. There are several different factors that will determine the value of your case. It is better to consult an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in the event of a motorcycle accident to ensure the smooth legal proceedings. Below is a discussion on the major factors that affect the settlement of the motorcycle accident case.

Overcoming Bias and Prejudice against Motorcyclists

Personal bias or a judgemental attitude should never come in the way of an unbiased verdict. However, everyone is human and the jury is also not completely devoid of this. Juries are less likely to provide a favorable verdict to motorcyclists. Insurance adjusters are informed of this and they can reduce their settlement simultaneously.

How the Parties Determine a Value for a Potential Case

To provide a value for a case means making the best guess at the decision of the jury. It also involves predicting the willingness of the person being sued. Out of all the factors, the most important is the degree of the damage caused to the plaintiff and the damage caused by the resulting injuries.

The Plaintiff’s Damages

Calculating the possible outcome of a motorcycle accident case is a difficult task, mainly because the final decision is the jury’s call. Certain personal injury damages such as lost wages and medical bills are easier to calculate. These are considered concrete costs and are based on the amount that the plaintiff is able to prove that they have spent or still continues to spend. In the case of less concrete and subjective damages like pain and suffering, speculations are nothing more than an educated guess. This is because every jury and every case is different. Hence it is possible to get a broad outline of the amount that would be sanctioned. The way in which the motorcycle accident impacted a plaintiff is very important in assessing damages. For example, if the accident leaves the person with a permanent limp, but the same person was able to excel at sports before the event, the jury will perceive a huge drop in the quality of life. Remember that if the accident left the plaintiff with permanent troubles which did not interfere in their daily life, they would definitely receive a lower value of compensation.

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