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Lane splitting is legal in the state of California. It is a maneuver in which the rider moves between two different lanes of vehicles due to the standstill in traffic. The Department of Transportation says that this maneuver is a way for motorcyclists to escape the traffic and keep moving ahead while the remaining traffic stands still. Under the law, California Highway Patrol (CHP) is granted the authority to make guidelines on lane splitting depending on the surrounding traffic. Below is a discussion on California Lane Splitting law.

Some of the suggestions mentioned in the law include:

•    Motorcyclists should not travel at 10 miles per hour faster than the neighboring traffic speed.

•    Motorcyclists should not split lanes when they are traveling at 30 miles an hour or faster.

•    Motorcyclists should not split lanes at locations where the road intersects with another.

•    Motorcyclists should be wary of the cars coming closer.

Note that these guidelines were made by the CHP. These are only the suggestions and motorcyclists would receive a ticket if they are not followed.

Meanwhile, drivers of other vehicles and cars would be issued a ticket if they make an attempt to share the lane and move into the lanes of motorcycles. This is considered a violation of rules and the concerned driver would be penalized by the CHP as these could result in a motorcycle accident.

Even though lane splitting is a legal practice and has been practiced widely, these are subject to widespread criticism owing to the safety concerns. This is because motorcyclists who indulge in lane splitting have a greater chance of colliding with the vehicles in front than those, which do not attempt the maneuver.

Motorcyclists who engage in lane splitting are more prone to accidents during the weekends too. This is because of the high traffic volume at peak hours. These motorcycles also concern the other drivers on the road. Fellow drivers who may attempt lane splitting could also cause an accident as they fail to notice the motorcyclists’ approach.

CHP warns the drivers of other vehicles to look twice and ensure safety before making a move on the road. The motorcyclists who want to practice lane splitting are free to do so at their own safety.

Though lane splitting is a legal practice, there is always a sense of danger associated with it. If anyone related to you is involved in a Los Angeles accident, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the other driver’s negligence.

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