Requirements For A California Motorcycle License And Other Laws

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The state of California necessitates every motorcyclist to have a learner’s license before they apply for a motorbike license. Motorcyclists aged below 21 years must carry a learner’s license for a minimum of six months until they are eligible to apply for the other license. Read on for more information about the license and other safety-related legal matters on this motorcycle accident website.

What Should You Carry In California

Every learner’s permit applicant should clear a vision test, skills test, plus a knowledge exam covering information present in the latest California Motorcycle Handbook. Those who are aged less than 21 years should also clear the California Motorcyclist Safety Program’s training course, which the state highway patrol administers.

Permits are legally valid for one year, and after this period, these are issued again. Permits keep riders from carrying passengers, riding at night, and riding on the California freeway.

Laws Concerning Motorcycle Safety Equipment

These are the regulations on safety equipment that riders in California should follow.

  • Under the California Vehicle Code Section 27803, every motorcyclist must wear a helmet whenever they are on their motorbikes. The piece of equipment should comply with the standards stipulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Motorbikes must have the right mirror and left mirror, as per CVC section 26709.
  • Handlebars cannot be in a position which forces the rider’s hands to be over 6 inches above their shoulder height when they are sitting on their motorbike, as per CVC section 27801.
  • Motorbike exhaust systems made from 2013 onwards should conform to California’s anti-tampering law.
  • Functioning turn signs are necessary for every motorbike made and registered for the first time on January 01, 1973, or afterward.

Carrying Passengers

There is no law that sets an age limit for motorcycle passengers in California. So individuals of all ages can ride a motorbike in the form of a passenger. As per California’s law, however, passenger seats have to be fixed to the motorbike behind the driver seat in a secure manner. There must be footrests for passengers, and people must use these when the vehicle is moving.

Insurance Requirements

Motorbike riders must have minimum liability insurance amounts. In California, in the event they are part of a motorbike accident and fail to carry the amounts, it may have their license suspended for one year.

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