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In case you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you must be thinking about how much your case may be worth. There are such a large number of factors in any random motorcycle accident to precisely calculate the result in terms of a dollar figure. Hence, this article examines the possibility of whether the defendant would be found responsible and the availability of insurance. It is advisable to consult a motorcycle accident attorney in the event of such a situation to you or your loved ones.

Probability That the Defendant Will Be Found Liable

One of the major factors in determining the value of a case is the probability that a defendant will be judged responsible. Sometimes, the offended party has next to zero proof demonstrating that the defendant was to blame for the offended party’s motorcycle accident wounds. This means that the value of the case drops extensively.

Regardless of whether the potential harms are high, a defendant will be less eager to settle. Besides, they would be increasingly willing to take risks at trial when the issue is in clear inquiry. Likewise, the offended party will be increasingly willing to accept a low settlement since they risk getting close to nothing at trial.

Another important aspect influencing predictions of whether a jury will discover the defendant at risk is the verifiable truth that juries usually consider bike riders troublesome. This does not imply that if the plaintiff was riding a motorcycle, the jury will naturally judge in the defendant’s support. However, it lowers the plaintiff’s chances if the proof of the defendant’s responsibility could sway in both ways.

Amount and Availability of Insurance

In the event that a defendant has a couple of different assets, a settlement will not surpass the liability restrictions of the defendant’s accident protection insurance. Jury decisions can and sometimes do surpass insurance liability limits. However, that does not mean the offended party can gather the total amount of the verdict. In case there is no other method to gather the sum, an offended party’s best alternative is to acknowledge a settlement sum that is equal to the insurance coverage limits. This is regardless of whether genuine harms caused value a lot higher and even if they are simple to demonstrate.

It is advisable to seek the assistance of a motorcycle accident attorney in the event of a motorcycle mishap. Consider the above factors while proving the liability of the defendant.

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