How to Handle a Drunk Automobile Driver at your Accident Spot

Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Accident

Whether it is a minor collision or a catastrophic one, being involved in an automobile accident can bring chaos and trauma into your life. If an intoxicated driver brought about your accident, it can exacerbate the difficulties you encounter when navigating the after-accident scene. This is no unusual situation. Recently, nearly 10% of accidents which induced injuries or demises in California’s Santa Ana city involved the use of alcohol. So how should you deal with this kind of situation? Below are some general rules to follow when you come across it.

Prioritize Safety

In all accidents, ensuring the safety of every person involved should be the first priority.

  • For you, passengers and first responders: When possible, shift your auto from the road, switch on its hazard lights, plus set up cones or flares to warn others to decelerate. Confirm whether you or others in your vehicle have any physical injury. Those who have no severe injuries have to go out from the auto to a safe distance away from the road, and supervise kids present to protect them. When America’s first responders hit the spot, let yourself and other people be medically examined. The moment first responders come, tell them that there is an inebriated river at the spot.
  • For the at-fault driver and their passengers: If they are being noncompliant or not being argumentative, assess the driver’s injuries too, and monitor the condition of others in their vehicle. Promptly contact 911 to tell of the accident, plus let the dispatcher know about your or anybody else’s injuries. Give first aid as required when you all wait for the arrival of first responders to the spot. In the event that driver behaves aggressively, then move away from them and do everything possible to not escalate the situation. If that driver attempts to escape from the spot, never try to go after them. Remember, leaving the accident scene is not legal.

Do Not Apologize and Never Play Blame Game

Feelings tend to run high after an accident for obvious reasons. If you have been part of one induced by a drunken suspect, your first tendency may be to rebuke that driver. However, stay calm, never be offensive or never blame that driver for causing your accident.

When law enforcement come and start to interview everyone concerned about how it happened, avoid apologizing or admitting any wrongdoing. Follow the same advice in the event that driver’s insurer approaches you for an account of that accident. Instead, talk to a lawyer before you give requested statements.

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