How to Avoid Common Motorcycle Crashes

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With as much safety features attached to your two-wheelers, they are still proving to be the most unstable and perilous vehicle moving on the roads. Powerful brakes, super gripped tires and excellent handling will only be deemed fruitful until they are used judiciously at the right moment. Below are some guidelines to be remembered while riding your motorcycle.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Quite many people driving on the roads are pretty much aware of this fact, yet some folks do ignore them and would have inevitably paid for it. Various studies also prove this matter like the one that of Hurt Report done in 1981. It says that around 50% of the motorcycle accidents happening on the roads are because of alcohol. Consequently, it is always advised to avoid driving if you are drunk, to create havoc to you and the people around you.

Use Front Brake Cautiously

Front brakes are the powerful components to be used only in those circumstances where it is indeed required. Though it may look counterintuitive, the front brakes will halt you in much more abrupt effect than the engine. Hence, they have to be used very carefully to avert any potential injury caused by grabbing the front brakes all of a sudden.

Ride Away from the Parking Lanes

This is one of those most neglected move followed by drivers roaming around with their motorcycles. Any of the cars parked in the lots can open their door all of a sudden and make you fall so unexpectedly. Moreover, a pedestrian may walk into your space to collide, when you are driving between parking cars and active traffic lane.

Use of Safety Gear

Wearing a safety gear helps the rider to be seen by others on the road, most importantly the other drivers. Nevertheless, it will serve the major purpose of preventing any injuries in a crash. In short, this makes driving altogether simpler providing more comfort and ease.

Extra Care While Riding on Snowy or Wet Roads

Roads can turn out to be really slippery during or after a snowfall or rain. So even if your motorcycle does have decent tires, there are chances of slithering over on the road, unless you slow down and controlling everything as smooth as possible.

Don’t Ever Forget your Helmets

A protective shield around you while driving can save your life in any dire situations. So will the brightly colored helmets. The colors can help you to get noticed by others driving on the road. Similar colored suits or jackets might protect you by avoiding the common accidents.

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