An Overview of Motor Cycle Accidents

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Motor Cycle Accidents

Motor cycle accidents are very common in the US, and in many ways, they are like any other vehicle accident. However, due to some unique factors inherent to motor cycle riding, the injuries resulting from these accidents, the causes, and the liability issues that surround motorcycle accidents can vary much when compared to other accidents.

Below is a quick look on the various risks and factors that are inherent to motorcycle accidents. If you even come across such an unfortunate event, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to understand the methods used to determine liability in motorcycle accidents. The California injury lawyer will also be able to help you in making a defective product claim after the motorcycle accident.

Risks Related to Motorcycle Riding

We all know that motorcycles are very small and light when compared to cars and does not offer any enclosure to the rider. All these things make motorcycle riding riskier when compared to car riding. For this reason, motor cycle accidents can result in death or serious injuries. As per the federal government, per mile traveled in 2006, it was reported that 35 times more deaths happened from motorcycle accidents than car accidents. There are many risks, that are unique to motor cycle riding and accidents and these are explained below.

Diminished Visibility to Cars

As motorcycles are smaller, and easily hidden by objects, it is less likely that car drivers see them. This is especially true at intersections and this can lead to motorcycle accidents.

No Barrier between Road and Rider

Unlike cars, motor cycles do not offer any protection to the rider. In addition, motorcycles do not have seat belts and airbags, even though some of the manufacturers have introduced airbags in their models. Using a helmet while riding a motor bike can offer some protection, while those riders who do not wear a helmet while riding are very likely to die when met with an accident.

Difficulty and Skill Level

It is known that riding a motor cycle requires more skill when compared to riding a car. It is reported that the unskilled motor cycle riders account for the increased number of motorcycle accidents. As per the statistics of 2001, more than a quarter of all riders killed in motorcycle accidents did not have a license to drive a motorcycle.

Decreased Stability

Two wheeled vehicles are less stable when compared to the four wheeled ones. This is especially true at times of emergency swerving and braking. In addition, front wheel wobble can occur at very high speeds while riding a motorcycle, which can lead to accidents.

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