A Look into Motorbike Accident: Causes, Prevention Steps and Programs

Motorcycle Accident
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Motorcycle accident fatalities in California have increased over the last decade. Despite the many safety programs put in place, motorcyclists still get into collisions which result in major injuries or demise. It is vital to identify why motorcyclists are likelier to die in automobile accidents than other motorists.

Reasons for Motorbike Fatalities

There are a big number of riders and drivers who never get involved in accidents. Sadly, some cannot escape the unpredictable nature of life. Even properly trained bikers are at a higher risk for injuries than passenger car drivers. Motorbikes do not have any forms of restraint such as a seatbelt. This means motorcyclists can be thrown out from their bike in accidents.  In addition, motorbikes weigh less than other automobiles, so these are vulnerable when roads are filled with debris or are damaged. Slick roads and potholes are ripe conditions for motorbike accidents. Because most motorbikes are small and so is tough for other vehicle drivers to detect, particularly when motorcyclists are in the latter’s blind spots. Further, it takes more skill to steer and control motorbikes than regular cars.

How to Avoid a Motorbike Fatality

Riding involves risk and a higher number of motorbike riders ignore safety recommendations making motorbike accident fatalities continue to rise. Around 80% of motorcycle collisions result in serious injuries or death. In addition to multiple vehicle accidents, 43% of single motorbike accidents cause death. The majority of causes of these accidents are speeding, riding without a helmet, and intoxication. To lower the chances of getting into a crash, California offers a statewide program. Some tips which the California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) teaches include wearing reflective gear while riding a motorbike at night and having appropriate lighting on it. Helmets are also encouraged. Wearing proper gear, particularly boots and a jacket, protects one from road rash or a worse physical injury. To avoid being a fatality, one should look twice before passing a vehicle, changing lanes, and backing out to ensure they are not in a blind spot.

A rear-end collision involving two cars are not generally serious; however, when it involves motorcycles, it can be fatal. Sudden stops cause motorbikes to spin and to lose control. These kinds of stops are often fatal because these throw riders onto the road. To avoid these incidents, allow ample space between your motorcycle and another vehicle in front. It is not unusual for single bike crashes to be deadly too. Smaller motorbikes are likelier to topple or slide, particularly in adverse weather conditions. This is why wearing a helmet and adhering to the speed limit rules are of utmost importance.

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