5 Risks That Come with Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Riding Risks

Motorcycle accidents hold several similarities to other types of road accidents, but when you consider some of the major aspects such as the causes, resulting injuries, and liability issues, a lot of differences come up. The biggest distinction that a motorcycle accident holds from, say, a car accident, is the much higher risk of debilitating and even fatal injuries.

Motorcycle Riding Risks

Motorcycles are a lot smaller than cars and much lighter as well. Without features that enclose the rider inside a protective metal box, motorcycles are riskier to operate than cars. There are a handful of unique risks involved in taking them out on roads with traffic.

  • Being Less Visible to Cars: Being smaller and more obscure, motorcycles can be easily hidden by other objects present on the road, which means that it is hard for other drivers to spot them at intersections and other places.
  • Road Hazards: Things that have minor effect on cars, such as debris, small objects, wet pavement, uneven road surfaces, etc., can affect motorcycles much more strongly, often causing them to crash.
  • Having No Barrier between the Road and the Driver: Unlike passengers traveling in a car, a motorcycle rider lacks the protection that comes with being inside a closed box of metal. Motorcycles also lack seatbelts and generally airbags as well, although the latter have been introduced in a few models. A helmet is scant protection in some of the worse cases, but without it, the probability of crash death goes up significantly.
  • Lower Stability: Vehicles that run on two wheels are a lot less stable than those that run on four. This holds doubly true during times of braking and swerving. In some motorcycles accidents, the primary cause is a front wheel wobble at high speed.
  • Requirement for Greater Skill: It takes a considerably higher skill level to safely drive a motorcycle. Lack of this skill is a common cause among motorcycle accidents occurring in California. Add to this the fact that there are plenty of riders raking to the roads, who lack even a proper motorcycle license; the risk of injury and death is raised even further.

If you took reasonable care while driving, including eliminating all the above risks, and still encountered a crash resulting from another person’s negligence or recklessness, California law allows you to seek damage compensation for personal injury and property damage. A firm of competent accident injury lawyers can get you the maximum redressal that is legally available.

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