Have You Just Been In A Motorcycle Accident? Here’s What You Should Do

California Injury Lawyer
California Injury Lawyer
California Injury Lawyer

California Injury Lawyer

What you do after being involved in a motorcycle accident can severely impact the compensation you receive if you were injured. Motorcycle attorneys understand how saying or doing something which is ill-advised can hurt your chances and how it will be seen by the judge, the jury and the insurance claim settlements.

It’s simple: Do the right things to boost your chances to receive higher compensation.

The First And Foremost Thing To Do When In A Motorcycle Accident

Seek help: Your health is the most important thing, and should be at the top of your priority lists. Taking timely action can reduce the extent of damage to your brain, spinal cord, burns, disfigurement and possible amputation. Make sure that your close family or friends can get details of all the injuries that you have suffered, well documented by the emergency room and the hospital at which you are being cared. Having them document that the injuries were caused as a result of the motorcycle accident is a cherry on the cake.

There is a high chance that law enforcement and police officers may come to you for questioning. Be aware of the rights and statuette of limitation that you have at your disposal. Don’t give out any statements that could jeopardise your case. Chances are whatever you say after the accident, maybe because of shock and will be inaccurate to an extent. The best safety measure is to zip it!

Many a times, insurance companies will carefully go through the police reports, find evidence or “statements” that could incriminate you of causing the accident. They would go to any lengths to avoid banking in the cash on your behalf. Or they may minimize your recovery during the settlement negotiations at the trial.

If it isn’t abundantly clear, don’t talk to the insurance company either. They don’t have your interest at heart and they clearly understand that there is a prejudice against motorcyclists.

Keep the clothes and gear you wore at the time of accident untouched. Do not wash or clean it, just keep it away as is!

Get yourself a good motorcycle accident lawyer who has a great track record, knows the ins and outs of the law. There are many good California injury lawyers, whose services you can utilise. He/she will make sure that you are properly settled to the right monetary extent and that those responsible are taken to task!

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