Common Risk Factors in Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle Accident Factors

Motorcycle accidents occur frequently in California than any other vehicle accidents. The comparatively small size of motorcycles and their less stability are major causes of accidents. In addition to this, motorcyclists are not enclosed inside a metal body like a car or any other passenger vehicle. This adds to the seriousness of these accidents. There are also some other risk factors that make motorcyclist more prone to injuries and even death. A few of them are listed below:

Helmet Use

Helmets are a significant factor that ensures the safety of motorcyclists to a great extent. Most fatalities in motorcycle accidents are caused because of the motorcyclists hitting their head hard. This can be prevented by wearing helmets. But most people do not give seriousness to wearing helmets. Even though California has a strict universal law that advises the motorcyclist to wear helmets when riding a bike, most people tend to ignore this law.

California punishes people who ride motorcycle without wearing helmets. A person will get ticketed if he/she is not wearing a helmet while riding a bike. The use of helmet has reduced the number of deaths in motorcycle accidents in California by reducing the chance of head injury.

If you met with an accident while riding a motorcycle when not a wearing helmet, it can affect your claim money too. Insurance companies use this as a defense for denying your claim. Hence it is better to consult good accident injury lawyers for assisting you to recover the money you deserve in case of a motorcycle accident.

Age: In California, young people under the age of 29 tend to get involved in accidents than any other age group. According to the accident statistics of California, the accidents involving people who are at the age of 50 and above are also increasing.

Young people may exhibit recklessness by over speeding and violating traffic rules. This negligence often leads to accidents. For the people above fifty, their age may restrict them from taking immediate actions and health issues like reduced eyesight, lack of coordination etc. can also cause accidents.

Therefore, when proving the liability of an accident you will have to consider all these factors. Hence, consult a motorcycle injury attorney, who can help you to determine the accurate reasons for the accident.

Gender: Male riders tend to get involved in accidents rather than females. Most of the motorcycle accident cases reported in California involved male motorcyclists. This percentage usually holds true across all age groups.

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