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Motorcycle accidents often carry dangers not prevalent in other types of vehicular accidents. Since these vehicles generally travel a lot faster than bicycles while still offering little protection from a collision, severe injuries are much more probably. In most collisions, the combined speed of involved vehicles approaches 120 mph, which for a driver’s body is too much to suffer without terrible consequence.

Insurance may not cover the losses you suffered from an accident, in which case you would require legal compensation from the other driver just to take care of your recovery expense. Our motorcycle accident attorneys can help you land a favorably high settlement, or take the case to court with a personal injury claim. They have the experience and knowledge required to make sure you get the maximum possible payout considering your specific situation.

Medical Recovery

Severe long-term injuries are significantly more probable for motorcycle riders who suffer accidents with other dissimilar vehicles. Simply falling off their bike would be highly painful, and this may onset over days or weeks afterwards, mostly because initial trauma or an adrenaline surge from the collision masked the issue for awhile. For any rider who walks away from a collision, it is imperative that they get a full-body checkup soon after the incident. A medical professional would be able to spot any broken bones, nerve damage, brain injuries, or road rash.

Rider’s Rights

California law allows motorcycle riders to “split lanes” amid slow-moving traffic, but doing this at a high speed can be extremely dangerous. If they happened to be holding their vehicle’s speed at a reasonable level at the time, liability for any collision with another vehicle can be placed on that vehicle’s driver, citing his or her failure to properly change lanes. Regardless who gets blamed by the California Highway Patrol, proper presentation of the case before a jury can raise chances of the motorcyclist winning a settlement, and often significantly.

Call the law offices of Joseph Y. Avrahamy and gain assistance in filing a claim and closing it quickly. Our lawyers are also known for their preference to fight hard for a higher settlement from the other driver’s insurance company, which is best for your interests in both the short and long terms. We can help you calculate your damages and negotiate a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, we can make sure that litigation moves forward smoothly and effectively, and ends with you receiving maximum compensation.